I find happiness in search of harmony. Harmony for me is a balance between what you want to do, what you can do, and what you’ve started to implement. The search for this balance makes me a little happier.”

Сhildren are the most true clowns. They don`t know about this. Children can express sincere feelings without scruple.”

“When I walk down the street, I like to imagine that everyone around is a clown. Each person has his walk, depending on the type of his shoes. One of my favorite entertainments is to draw noses and masks on the faces of the people whose pictures I see in newspapers. Sometimes I sit on the terrace of one of the bars and imagine everybody around with red noses. It amuses me so much.”

This world, where everything is arranged so strangely, makes me laugh. Sometimes it seems that it would be impossible to invent the worse one. I believe that inside each one of us lives a clown. As children, we all are sincere, and as we grow up, we lose this ability to be absolutely frank and acquire the other – the ability to lie. And this change that we undergo involuntarily, makes me laugh too.”

The properties of a smile say a lot. About endorphins, the concentration of which increases in a body when we laugh… But I think the answer to this question is hidden much deeper. It is important to be able to laugh at ourselves. For example, how can one not enjoy the opportunity to live on a planet that moves with such tremendous speed as ours? But there is one nuance: our spaceship with great speed … is going in circles. How, understanding this, can we take anything seriously? The only thing we can do is smile.”

Pallassos sense Fronteres is a tool that we have invented for people, involved in performing arts, to have the opportunity to present their work, including in the form of charity. Working this way, not only can we give a lot, but we gain a lot as well. To implement these projects, we have opened offices of Pallassos sense Fronteres in Spain (Barcelona), France (Paris), and Sweden. We are searching for artists who would be interested to cooperate with us and projects that we could participate in. The most important thing in this work is interchange. We work for free, and instead we get important experience by communicating with people who have lost almost everything, but who still have hope, life, and who smile.”

A clown’s feelings are hard to explain, but easy to understand. Actually we experience the same emotions as everybody. The only difference is that clowns are absorbed in the sensory world from a professional point of view, so there are things that help us and sometimes save us. For example, the opportunity to share feelings with friends, or the ritual of creating an image by putting on makeup or a red nose. It gives strength to face any difficult situation.”

A perfect clown doesn`t exist. Clownery always means search and the path you want to take. When you try to find your way, it is easier to wear a mask: it will help you step aside from yourself. I think that a clown is closer to the puppet world and the world of masks than to acting. Actors draw emotions from the text, from the remarks of the director. A clown doesn`t have a director, he seeks feelings within himself, this makes him authentic and unique.”

Failure of a clown is a real success for the viewer. Because we live in a world with obligation to be successful. Society nowadays requires us to be beautiful, modern, and rich. In fact, we are not as beautiful as we want to seem. We think that we will live forever, that everything can be bought and sold. A clown should be free from these prejudices. And if a clown is free, he can laugh at everything.”

The opportunity to find strength to get up is in ourselves. Tomorrow, today will be yesterday. Only you can make it special. Life is a grand gift. It is not just able to play with you, but also to overwhelm you. You can lose a day, but there is a chance to try again tomorrow.”

A clown’s feelings are divided into those which he expresses and which he experiences. There are performances in which we talk about sadness. Sadness is a natural reaction, for example, if you lose a friend. Life sometimes is sad. The aim of being a clown is to try to make life happier.”

Barcelona, Catalonia

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